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How We Can Help You

We help you with physical injuries, old and new through physiotherapy, acupuncture and naturopathy.

With illnesses, long-standing or newly emerged.  Whatever you are experiencing, be it pain, dysfunction or even just a general sense of “not feeling right”.

The qualified Mount Gravatt physios, acupuncturists & naturopaths at A Pinch of Prevention offer care to residents throughout our service area in Brisbane: including Mount Gravatt, Wishart, Mansfield, Holland Park & Carindale.

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Monday to Friday: 9 am–5:30 pm
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Our Practitioners

Our practitioners are AHPRA-registered physiotherapists, acupuncturists and nutrition-based naturopaths who specialise in treating people holistically. 

physiotherapist mt gravatt peter missingham

Peter Missingham

Peter will provide you with his time, his ears, his knowledge and his expertise.  He wants you to leave your consultation feeling as though you have been truly listened to, and that your concerns and experiences are meaningful and have impact.  Together, you and Peter will go through a 4-step process to try to resolve, and prevent, your particular ailment.  
Naturopath Naomi Hester

Johanna Kohn

Johanna (Jo) views your health and wellbeing to be her utmost priority. Based on this principle, her professional practice as your physiotherapist will clearly reflect her caring nature and willingness to help you on your journey to better health. Johanna will take the time to listen and understand your individual circumstances to provide the best outcomes. She especially looks forward to meeting you and helping you on your health journey.
Naturopath Naomi Hester

Naomi Hester

 Naomi involves you in your wellness journey every step of the way to get you back to your version of wellness.  She will listen to you, guide you, work with you and occasionally, gently challenge you, to create a treatment plan that works for where you are in your life, right here and now. Naomi has helped a wide range of clients address conditions including; IBS, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhoea, 
menstrual cycle health and more.

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Common Injuries Treated by Physiotherapists

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Your Guide To Physiotherapy In Australia

Are you looking for a way to relieve pain, restore function and mobility, or improve your quality of life? If so, holistic physiotherapy could be the answer for you. With its roots dating back centuries to Hippocrates' use of massage and hydrotherapy to heal injuries,...

The Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physio may help a range of people with a variety of health concerns, at different activity levels, and in different stages of life. Physiotherapy comes in many different forms, all with their own end goals in mind depending on the patient’s individual wants and needs.

Reduce Pain

Physiotherapists are well-trained in many different forms of pain management, all of which aim to reduce feelings of pain.

Improve Movement

Stiffness and/or pain may lead to a reduced range of movement, which may have a negative impact on your life. Physiotherapy aims to improve your range of motion by improving and maintaining joint integrity.

Assist in Healing

We aim to help you heal from the inside out, assisting you to reduce pain, improve mobility, and manage any conditions you may have.

Strengthen Muscles

Strengthening exercises are a key element of physiotherapy. To do this we help you work the muscle which encourages its growth, and in time, increases its strength.

Prevent Future Injury

A pinch of prevention isn’t just our name, it’s also our game! Prevention is always better than cure, so we do all we can to help you prevent any future injuries.

Increase Quality of Life

Life is meant to be enjoyed, so don’t wait a minute longer to get started! Physiotherapy helps to get those endorphins flowing, increasing your happiness and quality of life.
Family Physio Mount Gravatt

What May Physiotherapy Services Help With?

Physiotherapy Mount Gravatt East
Physiotherapy is trusted by sports professionals, families and everyday Australians for the effective treatment of a range of conditions which cause pain and reduced mobility.

We are able to assess, diagnose and treat a wide variety of musclo-skeletal and orthopaedic conditions such as:

  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Whiplash
  • Shoulder Pain
  • TMJ or Jaw Pain
  • Strains and Sprains
  • Sporting Injuries
  • Arthritic Conditions
  • Headaches
  • Work Related Injuries

Not only will physiotherapy treat your symptoms for a specific injury, your physiotherapist will provide you with long term health maintenance, and healthcare advice which aims to optimise your quality of life. We also help mitigate conditions such as pelvic pain, incontinence and other pelvis-related disorders.

Centrally located in Upper Mt Gravatt, our experienced physiotherapists are proficient in the most recent techniques and exercises, relieving and improving your overall wellbeing. They offer the necessary support to help you manage your pain and restore mobility.

What To Expect From Your Physio Appointment

Physiotherapists work with the musculoskeletal system, and are often recommended by GPs due to their ability to help reduce pain and stiffness. Physiotherapists also work with people with a variety of conditions, aiming to help their bodies move better and to help them get the most out of life. If you feel that something ‘isn’t quite right’ or could use some improvement in any way, we’re the team to turn to!

An initial consultation involves a thorough assessment and informed diagnosis and treatment, which considers relevant symptoms and your medical history. No two patients’ treatment plans will look the same, even if they have the same condition, so it goes to show that physiotherapy truly is about you! Your treatment options are diverse and your physiotherapist should discuss them with you before you begin treatment.

Your physiotherapist should develop treatment and management plans that suit your needs, so that together, you can address the specific problems you are experiencing. Whether that’s a sore knee, headaches, arthritis, or a sports injury, your treatment is centred around you and what you hope to get out of physiotherapy.

Physiotherapists use a range of techniques which include things like joint mobilisation and manipulation, muscular and myofascial release, trigger point release, manual therapy, dry needling, and exercise therapy. They may also recommend active treatments such as rebalancing exercises, clinical Pilates, orthotics, taping, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy. Whatever your physiotherapist suggests for you, they’ve considered it carefully and wholly believe that the treatment/s they’ve selected have the best chance of helping you reach your goals.

physio appointment in mt gravatt

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For physiotherapy, please book in with Johanna or Peter.
For acupuncture, please book in with Peter.
For naturopathy, please call the office to book an appointment with Naomi.

Sports Physiotherapy in mt gravatt

Sports Physiotherapy

At the heart of Mt Gravatt, we help local sporting teams and individual athletes.

Our dedication to sports health and wellbeing has established our practice as the preferred provider in Mt Gravatt.

massage therapy

Massage Therapy

Our welcoming clinic specialises in providing exceptional massage therapy services, with a focus on deep tissue massage.

A session at our clinic provides much more than just relief from muscle tension; it embraces a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

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Address: 1197 Cavendish Rd, Mount Gravatt East QLD 4122


Why Choose A Pinch Of Prevention?

Outcome Focused Treatment

We’re dedicated to seeing you achieve your goals, so our focus is on your intended outcome. Whatever you’re aiming for, we keep it at the forefront of our minds as we work with you.

Experienced Practitioners

All of our physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced in helping others with their health and wellbeing. We undergo regular upskilling to keep up with the latest information so we can offer you the best service possible.

Holistic Multi-Disciplinary Approach

We use skills from all areas of life to help you as best we can. As well as physical treatments, we offer caring, listening ears, and a gentle approach. Last but certainly not least, we also incorporate traditional naturopathic methods to approach your condition from all possible angles.
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