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Naomi Hester

About Naomi

Naomi is a clinical Naturopath of 10+ years’ experience in the field, she is a mother to two delightful little beings and is married to a most fabulous man. 

Her mantra is that health does not need to be complicated. A tweak here, a correction there, small gentle changes to consciously and consistently alter your health into obtaining more significant changes.

Naomi began her Health Science double degree studies in 2006, after having spent 6 months abroad trekking and exploring wild places. Acquisition of the obligatory gut pathogen focused and confirmed her dedication to her studies, and fostered an interest in the area of gut health, frank gut disease and the ill-serviced, non-fatal but debilitating arena of gut disease.

Naomi delights in unravelling chronic and acute conditions alike, and facilitating her clients to achieve improvement in their symptoms, with a view to resolution and/or remission where practical. The health of the microbiomes of the gut and vagina have been the focus of her career evolution, and nothing delights her more than poring over and analysing relevant test results, explaining how the results fit the clinical picture of the individual in front of her, and crafting a methodical approach to bring about relief from disease.


Naomi’s Process & Special Interests

It is Naomi’s goal to ensure that you leave with a better understanding of your health and what is going on with it, than when you arrived. Naomi endeavours to involve you in your wellness journey every step of the way and strives to use evidence-based practices in addition to traditional naturopathic methods, to get you back to your version of wellness. Naomi will listen to you, guide you, work with you and occasionally, gently challenge you, to create a treatment plan that works for where you are in your life, right here and now.

Naomi is a firm believer in integrative health care and strives to incorporate the skills of other health care professionals to get the best results for you. Naomi may reach out to your General Practitioner as well as recommending other health services (psychology, counselling, physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, massage) to hasten the resolution of your particular health condition, in as speedier manner as possible. Naomi can also recommend standard and functional laboratory testing where appropriate.

Special Interests:
Naomi has a keen interest in supporting patients with thyroid gland disorders as well as anxiety and depression. She enjoys supporting women with hormonal disorders and menstrual irregularities as well as assisting men who are experiencing infertility and symptoms suggestive of ‘andropause’. Natural treatments for Gastrointestinal disorders and complaints are another area that Naomi enjoys working with as successful outcomes are common.

She also finds yoga and pilates to be an invaluable tool for pain management and strives, and frequently fails, to practice it daily with a mindful intention. In a parallel universe, if obligations were not a thing, you would find Naomi hiking in France or Spain, meandering along the Camino del Santiago, slaughtering the local language/s and taking plant-medicine identification courses with her ever-so-slightly bored husband and children. 

Naomi Hester Qualifications

Qualifications, Awards & Memberships:

  • Certified Healthy Gut Practitioner– Microbiome Restoration Centre.
  • Accredited Intimate Ecologist and Human Microbiome Guild Member. 2022, 2024.
  • The Experts Program; Reproductive Health and Women’s Medicine
    program–Dr Andrew Orr. 2023.
  • Bachelor of Health Science-Naturopathy (BHSc), Endeavour College of Natural Medicine (2012)
  • Bachelor of Health Science-Western Herbal Medicine (BHSc), Endeavour College of Natural Medicine (2011)
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage Australian College of Natural Medicine (2005)
  • Award for Academic Excellence, Endeavour College of Natural Health (2012)
  • Member of National Herbalists Association of Australia
  • First Aid Certificate.

Continuing Practitioner Education:

  • Advanced Microbial Manipulation — MRC. 2023.
  • Naturopathy in Mental Health
  • Mentoring (2019 – 2020)
  • Stool Analysis & Meet your Microbiome Masterclass (2019)
  • International Congress on Complementary Medicine (2019)
  • GIT masterclass (2018 – 2019)
  • Restore Harmony in Female Hormonal Conditions: PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids and Menopause (2018)
  • Solving Allergy and Reactivity: A Practical Program to Build Tolerance and Restore Health (2018)
  • Australian Naturopathic Summit (2018)
  • MINDD forum for Practitioners (2016)
  • GAPS accreditation (2016)
  • Fertility & Pregnancy conference (2015)
Naomi Hester Education

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