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What is Naturopathy?Naturopath Mount Gravatt East

The practice of Naturopathy is an intriguing blend of art and science. It is a timeless framework of health care that seeks to minimise illness symptoms and support the body’s capacity to heal. Naturopathy achieves this aim through a variety of different yet complementary approaches, the most important of which is the power of client education. Broadly speaking, Naturopathy involves using nature-derived and nature-inspired ingredients to effect a desired change within the mind and body. Naturopathic Care ultimately seeks to restore bodily systems that have gone awry and then actively maintain the new, healthier standard via various holistic methods.

Our commitment lies in delivering personalized care utilising diverse evidence-based techniques, including physiotherapy in Mt Gravatt. We aim to support your journey toward restored health and enable you to embrace life to its fullest potential.

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Naturopath Mt Gravatt

What Does Naturopathic Care Include?

Essential elements of a typical Naturopathic Care Plan may include:

  • Dietary Assessment & Manipulation.
  • Meal Plans.
  • Lifestyle Assessment & Recommendations.
  • Testing.
  • Bespoke Herbal Tonics.
  • Nutrient therapy.
  • Client Education.


A Pinch of Prevention offer naturopathy to residents throughout our service area including Wishart, Mansfield & Carindale.

Naturopathic Care enjoys a special niche in the modern lifestyle and it continues to adapt and change dependent upon the environment and the needs of those who seek it.  This concept is elegantly illustrated by the conundrum of Vitamin D.  Humans require the hormone-like effects wrought by Vitamin D however, the traditional method of obtaining it by sun-exposure is fraught with long-term ill-effects in the Southern Hemisphere, where the ozone layer is thinnest.  Fortunately, other methods now exist by which we may obtain this needed nutrient either by way of traditional medicine prescribing or by modern supplementation.

Naturopathic Care, provided by a Bachelor of Health Science trained professional, is capable of helping manage a wide variety of conditions and symptoms, for which Modern Medicine may or may not provide adequate relief.  Modern-day Naturopathic Care is not an either-or practice concept.  Instead, it is a health-care system that can enmesh with and improve upon the results that you obtain with Modern Medicine.  This truly exemplifies the concept of holism by way of its chameleon-like ability to adapt to your needs; including allowing for and working alongside the pharmaceutical drugs and programs that may be part of your return-to-health journey; to maximise your health outcomes.  

Naturopathy and its Practitioners enjoy a wide-base of evidence from which to draw, and our tertiary-trained naturopaths delight in poring over both traditional texts and modern-day research papers, to tailor a wellness plan specific to your needs.  A good Naturopathic Care Practitioner possesses empathy, insight and knowledge, and utilises these qualities to create a space for their client to speak of their experience and from there to empower them to take control of their health journey.  

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