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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is an art and an discipline that has evolved out of the recognition that a physical injury need not be the beginning and the end of a person’s existence.  Physiotherapy promotes recovery.  Physiotherapy promotes meaningful gain.  Through the art and discipline of physiotherapy, new meaning can be restored back to your life enabling you to truly live and engage in your life again in a manner that brings you joy.

Physiotherapists are known as autonomous first-contact practitioners, which means that you do not need a doctor’s referral to come and see us if you have an acute injury or chronic pain.  The physiotherapists of APOP are more than happy to work alongside your healthcare team; be they podiatrists, dentists, GPs or naturopaths; and are delighted to accept Enhanced Primary Care plans from your treating physician.

At A pinch of Prevention, physiotherapy as an intervention encompasses many aspects of the life journey such as injury treatment and prevention, patient education, exercise prescription, occupational health assessment, pelvic floor health, continence care for men and women, and falls risk assessment and mitigation practices. 

The physiotherapists of APOP are highly driven individuals who are committed to helping you become the best physical version of yourself, however that concept looks to you, within the confines of what is possible.  Our physiotherapists approach your treatment via rigorous assessment and sound diagnosis, which is then followed by a tailored treatment regime encompassing our 4-step process of Release, Re-educate, Reinforce and Retain.

Release: The primary muscle of joint that is causing the dysfunction. 

Re-Educate: The biomechanics of the musculature responsible for the desired movement, to operate more efficiently so as to decrease pain/episodes of painful debility. 

Reinforce: and strengthen the appropriate muscles so as to decrease the likelihood of injury reoccurring.

Retain: How to hold your form during movement so that you can perform the functions that you need to do so that you can move forward in your life.

Physiotherapy in Australia is a highly regulated industry which requires successful completion of university-level tertiary studies, active membership with The Australian Physiotherapist Association (APA) and registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).  To maintain active membership within these regulatory bodies, it is a professional requirement that all members undertake a minimum of 20 hours Continuing Practice Education (CPE) each calendar year. Compliance with these rules allows patients to feel confident that their physiotherapist is a board-certified professional, subject to an ethical code of conduct and remains fully versed with current research and techniques within their field

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Who Can Benefit From Physiotherapy?

Here at APOP in Mount Gravatt East, our physiotherapists are accustomed to working with patients with a wide variety of health concerns and within a wide-range of life stages.

  • Musculoskeletal
  • Sports Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Health
  • Orthopeadic
  • Pain
  • Neurological-depending upon type of dysfunction
  • Disability
  • Cardiorespiratory complications and after-effects
  • Gerontology- Seniors’ health concerns
  • Pelvic Health for Men & Women
  • Children’s concers (3+ years)
  • Adolescence
  • Pre-, Peri- and Post-partum Treatment and Support

A Pinch of Prevention offer acupuncture to residents throughout our service area including Brisbane, Wishart, Mansfield, Holland Park & Carindale.

How Does Physiotherapy Help?

Physiotherapy is trusted by sports professionals, families and everyday Australians for the effective treatment of a range of conditions which cause pain and reduced mobility. 

We are able to assess, diagnose and treat a wide variety of musclo-skeletal and orthopaedic conditions such as:

  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Whiplash
  • Shoulder Pain
  • TMJ or Jaw Pain
  • Strains and Sprains
  • Sporting Injuries
  • Arthritic Conditions
  • Headaches
  • Work Related Injuries.

Not only will physiotherapy treat your symptoms for a specific injury, your physiotherapist will provide you with long term health maintenance, and healthcare advice which aims to optimise your quality of life.

What to expect in your Physio Consultation?

Physiotherapists are specialised in the musculoskeletal system, and are often recommended by GP’s due to their expertise in reducing pain, stiffness and rectifying biomechanical dysfunction caused by a variety of conditions. An initial consultation involves a thorough assessment, informed diagnosis and treatment, which considers relevant symptoms and your medical history. Your treatment options are diverse and will be discussed with you before treatment commences. Physiotherapists can develop treatment and management plans that suit your needs and will most effectively address the specific problems you are experiencing.

Physiotherapists use a range of techniques which include but are not limited to, joint mobilisation and manipulation, muscular and myofascial release, trigger point release, manual therapy, dry needling, exercise therapy and recommended active treatments such as rebalancing exercises, clinical Pilates, orthotics, taping, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy.

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