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  • For acupuncture, please book in with Peter.
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A Pinch Of Physiotherapy May Be Just What You Need

Sore back? Sprained ankle? Feeling the effects of your desk job catching up with you? Whatever has brought you here, we’re glad to see you taking the first step towards feeling like your best self. People of all ages and from all walks of life seek out physiotherapy in an effort to reduce their pain and improve their functioning, which is exactly what we aim to help you with at A Pinch of Prevention.

Areas We Service

A Pinch of Prevention offers physiotherapy treatment to areas including

Our Physio Approach

A Pinch of Prevention offers physiotherapy in Mt Gravatt as an intervention that encompasses many aspects of the life journey, such as injury treatment and prevention, patient education, exercise prescription, occupational health assessment, pelvic floor health, continence care for men and women, and falls risk assessment and mitigation practices.

The physiotherapists of APOP are highly driven individuals who are committed to helping you become the best physical version of yourself, however that concept looks to you, within the confines of what is possible. Our physiotherapists approach your treatment via rigorous assessment and sound diagnosis, which is then followed by a tailored treatment regime encompassing our 4-step process of Release, Re-educate, Reinforce and Retain.

Release: The primary muscle of the joint that is causing the dysfunction.
Re-Educate: The biomechanics of the musculature responsible for the desired movement, to operate more efficiently so as to decrease pain/episodes of painful debility.
Reinforce: and strengthen the appropriate muscles so as to decrease the likelihood of injury reoccurring.
Retain: How to hold your form during movement so that you can perform the functions that you need to do so that you can move forward in your life.

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