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Who We Are: 

Welcome to the website owned and operated by Hessingham Family Trust trading as A Pinch of Prevention (ABN: 90 163 293 243); www.apinchofprevention.com.au.

Where We Are:

 A Pinch of Prevention (APOP) is a multi-modality clinic, located at;

Street Address: 1197 Cavendish Road, Mount Gravatt East, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 4121.  

Postal Address: Po Box 6, Mount Gravatt, Brisbane, Queensland 4121.

Contact Person:

For any concerns or queries as pertaining to the business, please contact Peter Missingham within standard business hours and he will strive to get back to you within a timely manner.

Phone: +61 407 522 029, 

Fax: +61 7 3411 3825

Email: peter@apinchofprevention.com.au

 Website Terms & Conditions:

By using our www.apinchofprevention.com.au website (Site) and its associated digital media platforms, you agree that you are over the age of 18 years, and you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.  In the event that you are not over the age of 18 years, it is assumed that you have the express permission of your legal guardian to do so, and that they are bound by the website terms and conditions as your representative.  Should you disagree with these terms and conditions, it is recommended that you do not continue with viewing our Site and other digital platforms and their content, and that you resist from purchasing our products and/or services.

A Pinch of Prevention (APOP) is an Australian-based, small business which sells goods and services to the general public. As such, APOP wishes you to know that we are bound by; and endeavor to comply with; Australian Consumer Law.

General Disclaimer:

On our Site and our associated digital media platforms, you will find blogs, articles, vlogs, downloads, hints and tips, guides & instructions, as well as hyperlinks directing you to other sources of information.  These sources of information are provided for your general education and entertainment, and have been selected, or developed, as topics presumed to be of interest to the APOP community.

Whilst we at APOP are accredited and registered health professionals, and we take great care to provide you with useful, and thought-provoking information, we at no point claim to be experts on all of the subjects covered. Nor do we claim to have performed an exhaustive literary review and analysis of results on all of the available, reputable literature available on the subject(s).  Any and all information distributed by us is not to be used as a substitute for seeking professional advice or in place of a medical diagnosis.

APOP’s Rights and Responsibilities:

Intellectual Property

APOP owns the content written and recorded on their website and other digital information sources. APOP retains the right to remove or modify any and all of the information contained on its digital media sources without prior warning.  APOP retains the right to remove links to other sources of information without prior warning.  APOP retains the right to write/create information on topics appropriate to their business and clientele by using various forms of media for the express benefit of said clientele and the APOP community.   

APOP does not take responsibility for the ongoing accuracy of that information, as scientific research is an ever-evolving beast, and it is entirely possible that the information recorded on our website platform(s) will be superceded without our knowledge by newer, fuller knowledge. APOP does not take responsibility for how quickly the information that they provide on any given health condition, supplement, herb or nutraceutical is made incomplete, redundant or erroneous by new, emerging research.  However, APOP welcomes communication made by email in regards to the content that they have provided, and will consider altering/removing information if you are able to provide access/links to credible sources of professional research, and its outcomes, that necessitates that the information be changed.

APOP do not take responsibility for any adverse reactions that individuals, who are not specifically patients of one of APOP’s naturopaths, may experience for trying a herb/supplement/nutraceutical.  Please note that medicines derived from nature are still medicines and are used within the professional setting to exert or bring about real physiological change.  Therefore, just like any medication, adverse side-effects can be experienced and unwanted interactions with pharmaceutical drugs certainly can happen (e.g. affecting the effectiveness of the oral contraceptive pill).  Please seek professional advice from professionals trained in using complementary medicines when considering introducing natural medicines into your regimen.  

APOP may provide demonstrations via the recorded medium on topics of interest to our clientele.  These demonstrations are of basic, simple rehabilitative exercises and stretching techniques.  These are provided for the APOP community as a point of reference to help the APOP patient visualize and replicate the basic exercises in an environment outside of APOP’s consultation rooms.  It is expected that prior to doing any exercise delivered digitally by us, the individual has sought an assessment with one of our physiotherapists to determine what treatment is best for that individual.  APOP does not take any responsibility for injuries sustained outside of the treatment room and within the context of an unprescribed rehabilitative exercise regime selected by the individual in question.

APOP does not give permission for any of its content to be copied or replicated in any form without the express, written consent of APOP.  This content is protected by copyright. Please feel free to share socially, the content that you find interesting but be sure to provide the link back to our website for reference.

Logo & Trademark

APOP owns the registered and unregistered trademarks and logo of vitruvian man standing akimbo on the background of a slice of lime, and the catchphrase; A Pinch of Prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Written permission to use these is required from the owners of APOP.

Professional Training, Registration and ongoing Professional Development

The practitioners of APOP have undergone successful university-level study and training.  All of APOPs practitioners are registered with reputable professional bodies and associations and continue to meet, and exceed, the required ongoing training to maintain their professional obligations.  

Payment for Goods & Services

Payment for goods and services is required at the time of, or prior to the consultation and/or receipt of goods.  At this stage no payment plans are offered, but cash, credit card, debit card and bank transfer are accepted.   

Supplements, herbs and physiotherapy aids may be purchased directly from us.  Should you require the items to be shipped to you, this will incur a registered mail shipping fee as charged by Australia Post, as well as a small fee of $10AUD for time spent packaging the products and lining up at the Post Office.  Bespoke herbal blends made by our Naturopath can be picked up from our clinic during APOP’s open hours or posted to you as previously outlined.  Pre-bottled, prescribed supplements may be purchased directly from us or ordered via our online dispensary, located at www.vital.ly.com.au.  Items ordered via the online dispensary may take between 3-10 business days to arrive at your door, and herbal tinctures delivered by Australia Post may take 3-5 business days to arrive.  Sadly, APOP is unable to take responsibility for lost or stolen items once the item has been registered and sent.

Cancellation of Appointments or the Therapeutic Relationship

Cancellation fees do apply if an appointment is cancelled or unattended with less than 24 hours notice.  A payable invoice of $85.00 AUD will be generated, or in the event that the appointment was prepaid, $85.00 AUD will be deducted from the refundable monies owed to the client.

The practitioners employed by APOP enter into a professional relationship, with subsequent duty of care, only when a private consultation has occurred.  Both the practitioners of APOP, or you the client, can terminate that relationship at any time, for a variety of reasons and it will only be subject to a cancellation fee in the event of less than 24 hours notice given.

Late Cancellation or No-show by a practitioner.

In the unlikely event of a late cancellation of less than 2hours notice, or no-show by a practitioner due to health, family or other-mediated crisis, a credit of $30 redeemable on approved, stocked products is offered by way of recompense.  Please note, that Practitioner-only naturopathic products are not included in this offer, unless they are part of your current prescription.

Consumer Guarantees: 


A patient may cancel a contract for service, or ongoing supply of a product, at any time.  Should a contract for service be cancelled, a refund will be offered, less any monies for any part of the service redeemed by the patient. 

 For example, if a client purchased a 3-consultation naturopathic pack, attended one consultation and then opted to cancel the 2 remaining consultation sessions then the monies refunded would be the total paid, less the cost of the initial appointment.  If the 3-consult pack was cancelled less than 24 hours before the next scheduled appointment, a late-cancellation fee of $85.00 AUD would also be applied and deducted prior to the monies being refunded. 

In the event of a product being faulty, a refund is offered if the product is deemed to be faulty and it was used as intended.  In the case of naturopathic and nutritional products being faulty, an exchange may be offered if it is determined that its effectiveness has been affected and/or the product has reacted inappropriately despite being stored correctly and used within the specified time-frame.  It is expected that the product will be returned to APOP for inspection, with proof of purchase.

Please note, that any refund required by credit or debit card, the original credit/debit card must be produced to obtain said refund.  This is a safe-guard response against fraudulent card activity.

Resolution of Minor Problems.

APOP does not offer refunds on any service that you have paid for and attended, or partially attended.  

APOP does not offer blanket refunds if you are dissatisfied with the service that you have received, however we do urge you to contact us as soon as a problem arises so that we can do our best to try and resolve the issue to the satisfaction of both parties.

APOP is unable to offer refunds on any supplement products recommended to you in good faith and which were received by you in appropriate condition.  APOP do not offer refund for change of mind or if you find the medicine unpalatable, or if you find a similar (or same) product cheaper elsewhere, or if you experience an (un)expected side-effect.

   Product Palatability:

If you find a supplement or herbal product distasteful please contact Naomi the Naturopath at APOP to discuss ways to make taking the product bearable, but please note that these products are therapeutic products and have not been; and frequently are unable to be; designed to be delicious-tasting.  

Should a product prove too unpalatable to bear, alternative products may be prescribed (such as a tabletted formula) to improve compliancy with the therapeutic goal.  However, it is necessary to note that the replacement of one liquid or powder formula may require multiple tabletted products to achieve the same outcome, which may ultimately be more expensive per unit than the original prescription.  It should be noted that this increase in price per dose is not the financial responsibility of APOP to bear.  

Some herbal tinctures are dispensed into glass bottles, it is the responsibility of the patients to ensure careful handling of these products upon receipt of them.  APOP is unable to offer refunds should these items break in transit or upon receivership by you.  APOP will ensure that fragile products are appropriately wrapped and labelled to the satisfaction of Australia Post.

Payment for products ordered on behalf of the patient is expected upfront.  If a product is ordered on behalf of the patient and the order is unable to be fulfilled within a timely manner, of 21 working days, due to product line discontinuation or being out of stock with the supplier, APOP will be happy to offer a refund or exchange for other goods or services—to be used within 12months of the date of issue.

Resolution of Major Problems

Unmet Expectations

 APOP does not offer refunds for a service rendered, or consultation attended.   

 The service providers of APOP are unable to promise that you will experience a complete or partial resolution of the issues, disease processes, or symptoms that caused you to seek help in the first place.  The service providers of APOP are unable to promise that symptom relief/issue-resolution will be achievable within a time-frame that has been arbitrarily set by yourself or by ‘popular opinion’.  It is accepted knowledge that the human body is complex and easily affected by a myriad of internal and external influences, patterns of behaviour may be difficult to change, and active participation by the patient is required for optimal results of the patients investment.

APOP practitioners are not obliged to provide a service in a particular fashion if it is against the advice or outside of the experience of the treating practitioner.  

Visitor Responsibilities:

It is the visitor’s responsibility to understand that whilst the educational material provided on this website and other APOP associated media has been developed to be informative and helpful, no actual professional relationship has been entered into between you and APOP.

It is the visitor’s responsibility to seek a diagnosis and subsequent instruction regarding treatment from a registered health care professional including; but not limited to; a General Practitioner, Medical Specialist, Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Occupational Therapist and/or Speech Pathologist.  The practitioners at APOP are respected professionals who are happy to work alongside the visitor’s health care team, once they have become a patient of one of the APOP team.

It is the visitor’s responsibility to understand that even if the condition or symptoms described within the APOP’s published materials appears or sounds  to be exactly like what they themselves are experiencing, this information may not be at all appropriate for them and their person, and it does not constitute a diagnosis.  The information provided does not, and cannot by its very nature, be used as a substitute for a professional consultation with a registered health practitioner and nor does it provide you with a medical diagnosis.

It is the visitors responsibility to understand that should they choose to not consistently and closely follow the advice dispensed by their practitioner, then very little can be realistically expected in the way of problem resolution and management of its symptoms.

The practitioners at APOP are consummate professionals who dispense treatment and develop management plans based on your health goals counter-balanced against their studies, training and professional experience.  The practitioners of APOP are your partners in your health-problem resolution/management journey, and a satisfactory and speedy resolution will most certainly require active participation on your own behalf.  Should you choose not to implement the exercise plans, dietary recommendations, lifestyle modifications, or take the products prescribed to you; or not return for follow up consultations within the time-frames recommended to you; liase with other health professionals as prescribed; or obtain a diagnosis, testing and subsequent test results as recommended for interpretation and provision of base-line values; this will certainly inhibit the amount of success you can realistically expect to gain from the therapeutic relationship.

It is the patient’s responsibility to alert the practitioner to any allergies, intolerances, or known health conditions.  It is the patient’s responsibility to double-check that any products recommended to them are free of any known allergens.

It is the patient’s responsibility to alert the practitioner to any medication or other supplements you may be taking that may affect the prescription.

External Links:

APOP is unable to take responsibility for any claims or changes to information that are available on the websites and digital sources owned by other businesses, companies or individuals.


APOP does not take responsibility for any digital viruses or digital damage that may be sustained from down-loading information from our Site and digital presence. It is your responsibility to ensure that your virus-detection systems and malware-protection products are up to date.  APOP is unable to take responsibility for any digital damage that you may sustain from visiting other websites that may be hyperlinked and/or recommended within the content found on wwww.apinchofprevention.com.au

Digital and Unauthorised Transactions:

APOP does its best to ensure the safety of your information.  It is the visitor’s responsibility to understand that there are risks inherent to providing information digitally.  APOP is unable to completely control for, and do not take responsibility for any and all unauthorized access/network faults, that result in the interception, corruption, alteration, non-delivery or loss of information that is transmitted digitally.

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